The lightweight, low-profile design is 20% less bulky (circumference) than other brands and promotes greater patient compliance. The exo-skeleton is contoured to ensure an anatomically correct fit and is designed to provide smooth, controlled resistance to extreme range of motion. It is pre-shaped into a neutral position for comfortable, limited motion/flexibility. The exo-skeleton provides radial and ulnar styloid relief with more room at the base of the thumb, the palmar crease and the 5th metacarpal. The web space is 40% thinner than competing products and is contoured/cushioned with a unique "soft touch" material to reduce irritation. The interior is three-dimensionally molded to create a padded surface that enhances comfort.

Our unique sizing system allows the straps to be adjusted to provide an accurate fit and full metacarpophalangeal flexion. The ComfortFORM Wrist has been engineered with a new and improved preformed aluminum stay helping provide anatomically correct and proper support. This brace is ideal for sprains, strains and control of carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. The ComfortFORM Wrist with Abducted Thumbs is lined with the durable and lightweight fabric Lycra for breathability and patient comfort. Dual aluminum stays support the palmer surface of the wrist and the extensor surface of thumb. The stays can be adjusted for proper angulation.

This brace also features contact closure straps and should be used for the treatment of sprains, strains, scaphoid injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, Gamekeeper's Thumb, and de Quervain's syndrome symptoms. The Deluxe Wrist/Forearm Support is a 10" support featuring combination loop/lock contact closure and vinyl, foam, tricot construction. Also provided is a circumferential wrist strap for additional wrist support for sprains, strains, and post-operative rehab of the wrist and distal forearm. The Wrist/Thumb Wrap is neoprene constructed providing compressive wrist support with thumb abduction. One size fits most patients.